CabCash - taxi fares paid directly to pre-paid Visa card by CabCard Services

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Credit & debit card fares become cash fares with the new CabCash pre-paid card

Your passenger pays you with their credit or debit card
Accept payment for your fares and tips by credit or debit card through your CabCard terminal in the normal way.

Your money is paid onto your new pre-paid Visa CabCash Card
Once you have applied and received your CabCash card you simply opt to have all your fares and tips paid onto the card. This way your money isn’t paid into your bank account at all, but put straight onto your card.

Use your pre-paid Visa CabCash card to spend however you want
It couldn’t be simpler. Your CabCash card is issued in your name, together with a separate PIN code, and works just like any other debit card. You can pay for your diesel, cinema tickets, restaurant bills or even renew a season ticket – anything you like! You can also draw cash from any ATM that carries the Visa logo. By logging onto the CabCash web site, you’ll always know exactly what money has been paid onto your card, and what you’ve spent.